Your Colon Will Thank You


Do you enjoy hitting yourself in the face with a shovel? No? Well what if it induced an earth-shattering orgasm? Super Meat Boy is kind of like that.

…without the embarrassing emergency room trip.

Okay— think about the hardest platformer you’ve ever played. Now remove frustration due to crappy hit detection or poor controls. Add in a kick ass soundtrack and you’ll still be a few miles of awesome away from the slow-roasted badassery that is Super Meat Boy.

Team Meat’s flagship title is the updated successor to Meat Boy which is a free flash game on Newgrounds. “Why pay $15 for this when I can play it for free online?” Because this one is super you fart-wrangler. It’s not for the faint of heart as it offers a plethora of levels tougher than the chewiest gristle (especially the “dark” levels which are thankfully optional). To top it off before each new set of levels players are treated to short cutscenes that nod to classic game franchises of the 80’s and 90’s. Scrumptious!

Exceptional gameplay built on a sharply original concept with killer level design, air-tight controls and just enough difficulty to have most players stumped but not so hard as to send them into a homicidal rampage.

Super Meat Boy is available now on XBox Live for 1200 Microsoft Points, Windows via Steam or Direct2Drive for $15 and will soon be released on Nintendo’s WiiWare and MacOS. If you are ready for a challenge and love a good platformer you owe it to yourself to play Super Meat Boy.

Now if you’ll excuse me I think I’m going for seconds.