Load Your Trebuchets


We’ve all been there: The sun’s rising and you have to go to sleep and wake up in less time than it takes to dry clothes. You want to go to sleep because let’s face it — you’re damn tired, but you can’t because there’s still a 17th-century European monarch drawing breath behind the brick wall you’ve been lobbing rocks at all night. Come on Prince Albert, bite it so I can pretend to sleep.

Crush the Castle 2 is Armor Game’s sequel to their sleeper hit from last summer. It delivers the same satisfying physics-based mayhem people with too much time on their hands have come to love (this time with a nice dose of Wilhelm scream for good measure).

The gameplay couldn’t be simpler: You click once to start your trebuchet moving, then again to release its load (there’s a joke in there somewhere). The point of the game is to successfully bring various structures down on top of kings, queens, guards etc. in as few tries as possible. You start out only being able to fling logs but as you progress the game adds new ammunition types like steel shells, bombs, and acid vials. At the same time, the levels become more complex and will require the use of your entire arsenal. Also there’s achievements if you’re into that sort of thing.

I downloaded the first game for my iPod Touch last summer and I still go back to it even after acquiring gold medals on every stage. I’ve played a lot of other launch-crap-at-other-crap type games like Angry Birds or Fragger but unlike these titles Ctc offers the use of any ammunition you’ve unlocked. This small distinction adds a measure of freedom but also strategy, forcing the player to really get to know how each projectile works. This is especially important for those who wish to get gold medals because almost every stage’s gold requirement is one turn. These freedoms along with the more realistic aesthetic is why Crush the Castle is still my go-to title when I’m bored. Not to say it isn’t fantastic but get real, you don’t set time aside to play casual games. Unless you do. I don’t.

Ctc2 also has a level creator and a massive online community chock full of people’s creations, so the fun is really endless. If there’s one gripe I have with this iteration it’s that it feels significantly easier than its predecessor. This might be due to it having additional ammunition types but I didn’t have any trouble getting golds in every level and trust me I suck at everything.

So set some time aside for Crush the Castle 2 or if you haven’t already give the first game a shot. Also keep your eyes peeled for this title’s inevitable iOS release.